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Записи с темой: ts (список заголовков)

most important Teal's video up till now


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chronic fatigue revelations

"if you can't, stop thinking about needing to"
"you're so tired because you need connection and try to earn it. so try to cut out the middle-man, and go for people. it's not abut your bad condition or stuff that you do."

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very painful and relevant
I was really angry and almost cried to that
because... yep you're serious when you think you're barely surviving..

you want connection. and you are so very tired because you try to earn it. (c)

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Хроники Развития

1. сделала медитацию на прощение. жесть. и.. открытие. никто не причинял мне большей обиды чем я сама. и никому я не причиняла большей обиды чем самой себе. э синг ту синк эбаут.
и да, после того как попросишь прощения у других.. и у себя... прощать других - ваще фигня. просто и легко. отлична медитация.

2. пересмтриваю недавний воркшоп Тил, часть про хроническую усталость. "отметьте сколько раз в день вы делаете чтот очто должны и только потому что должны." ну елки. почти все время. that means that you're prohibiting the flow of energy through your body
когда я начала считать неважным то что мне нравится?
когда я начала жмотить уделять врем и силы на книги, рисование, музыку?
когда я стала разделять деятельность на полезную и бесполезную, и в бесполезную попало все то, что делает меня мной?

вообще здесь для меня много вопросов, потому что есть деятельность которая приносит удовольствие и чтото настоящее, но тяжело начать делать. ну тут надо вспоминать что Магда говорила про усилие и насилие,

+ fight or flight mode по умолчанию.

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ага, вот это как раз сгеодня

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"enjoy the control and confidence that focus brings" (c TS)

"when people say they dont feel love uually it means they aren't high"(c) TS
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Freedom is NOT experiencing only what you want to experience(c)
"muscle isues are usually to do with safety issues. " (c)
"real forgiveness comes WAY after you have dealt with your own pain. until then, you're just justifying people in what they did to you"
"there's no retirement from improvement. Universe doesn't care if you shit on yourself and mess yourself - you're growing. A huge expansion happens on the death bed"
dont INVEST in your thoughts. nvesting is attributing right or wrong to it

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"The person who is not atuned will project"(c)

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never heared that before

- Is it better to meditate 10 minutes or 3 hours?
- better not meditate at all! life is about expansion, it's where's the action is. There's a line to get to this world, everyone is so excited!
Meditation just halts the momentum. the momentum of your thoughts and vibrations. When you're focusing on something enough, it has the momentum. and you can't just start thinking completely another thing. Meditation takes the foot off the gaz pedal of creation.
different types of meditation, I'm talking about standard indfulnes meditation.(c)

"by the trauma I mean that something happened to you that you couldn't fit into the context of life" (c)

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и да, мощная техника

хотя техническую сторону опроса хорошо бы развернуть в полноценную guided meditation

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"The only time helping someone else is beneficial, is if they are receptive and want help. More importantly, the only time helping someone works is if we are able to maintain focus on the improved state and what is positive about the person or situation that we are "helping". Anything less than that, is lending energy to the negative end of the scale. Anything less than that is focusing at them as if something is wrong with them. Anything less than that is focusing energy at their diminished capability. No healing and no help can come from that kind of focus at all."

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хочу сделать доброе дело
у меня есть порядка 5-6 хороших guided meditations. на английском. купила за свои кровные, и хочу расшарить просто так. просто потмоу что они клевые.

опять же, поскольку медитации хорошие, есть мысль перевести и начитать на русском. перевести я могу, нужен тот кто начитает.

собственно, вот

по содержанию скажу только что feel good meditation далеко не проста и не банальна, техника глубокая и помоему мощная. это не про то как быть cheerful, а про довольно глубокую настройку.
моя любимая пока что - replacing the pain. работает евероятно. уже делаю без голоса, сама.

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"if you experience unpleasant and painful things, you add meaning to it to be able to live with that"

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this is the emotional body struggling for resolution. it wants that connection more than anything else. I'm trying to get the emotional body to surrender to the idea that it's not gonna get it, ever, to surrender to the feeling. the part of him said "I need that connection no matter what" and it made him pull apart from that feeling so much that he became disassociated. we're undoing the process. (TS)

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self-celibacy (c)

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- how do you feel about suicide?
- well not right now, when I'm here, but...
Тиловский воркшоп

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get above your father. He has a soul somewhere, a higher self. look to that (c)

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their life will go on if you die. so they'll go on if you do that thing you want to do right now (c)

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it's not about it being right but about being real (c)

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