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Записи с темой: отлично сказано (список заголовков)

Stephen - I appreciate that you're trying to help here, but I also happen to use my genitals for, you know, getting rid of my urine ...

Hugh - Oh don't worry, that's the beauty of the system. When people see you wearing a combat jacket and driving round in a white van with Killer, the piss will be taken out of you constantly.
- I've been haveing an affair with you for some time now
- You bastard!
- Mate, you'd had to find out sooner or later, better coming from me.
- You mean we've been sleeping together all this time.. behind my back?
- I said I'm sorry.
- You leave me out of it!
- It won't happen again, I promise...
- I just wish that if you had to go to bed with me, you could at least have done it to my face!
- I'll bear that in mind...

Phyllida - In your electoral literature, for instance, you promised to come down hard on homosexuals.

Stephen - Since I've been in office I have spent a lot of money and energy coming down very hard indeed on homosexuals.


позавчера видел на стене надпись "Серега, это не та плоскость!!!"

@настроение: piss will be taken out of you

@темы: отлично сказано


гениальное кино )

Captain Darling: "I'm as British as Queen Victoria!"
Captain Blackadder: "So your father's German, you're half German and you married a German?

Lord Flashheart: Thanks, bridesmaid, like the beard. Gives me something to hang onto! And Melchie! Still worshipping God? Last thing I heard he started worshipping me! A-HAHAHAHAHA! Nursie! I like it firm and fruity! Am I glad to see you or did I just put a canoe in my pocket?

Percy: [on his new neckruff, which is extremely small] The fashion today is towards the tiny.
Blackadder: In which case, Percy, you must have the most fashionable brain in London.

Melchett: Started talking to yourself, Blackadder?
Blackadder: Yes, it's the only way I can be sure of intelligent conversation around here!

Blackadder: Get the door, Baldrick.
[There is a crash. Baldrick enters, carrying a door.]
Blackadder: Baldrick, I would advise you to make the explanation you are about to give... phenomenally good.
Baldrick: You said "Get the door."

Vincent Hanna: And now for the result of our exclusive exit poll, which produced a 100% result for... "Mind your own business, you nosy bastard."

@темы: отлично сказано


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