Music of Man. quotes


Any one cell can become ten million, giving its genes to its offsprings, nd thereby establishing the repetition of the genetic pattern. With man the process is conscious as well as psychological: we hand on the products of our minds, and among these is music.

as babies, we can hear long before we can see.

I find this symbolic that we have eyelids but not earlids.

...all consciousness in space-time is a matter of degree. It is not something which comes suddenly to a man at the moment of birth, but , rather, can be compred with different degrees of temperature, or the difference between a solid, a liquid, or a gas.

After many a concert I have been asked what the music I played "means" to me; we have had to develop an elaborate set of terms describing what music "means". the key difference lies in the fact that words refer first and foremost to the real world outside us. Music on the other hand, has a special relationship with our inner being.

It struck me that the modern pagan must also accomodate the urban dweller, and that since we wander among skyscrapers, a work for solo violin and trffic noise might be a plausible sound sculpture today, a new form of concerto,

For music to speak to us, it needs more than the structure of a scale, of intervals, or even of our emotions. It needs a recognisable form corresponding to something in our own being. I have often thought that the earliest musical form must have been a simple repetition, a double image rther like the right and the left halves of a leaf when folded upon each other. this gives us a sence of secuity and completion, and with musical memory we begin to build. Once we hear a sound we can repeat it, creating the simple rhytm at first. When we put a few sounds together in groups or phrases of relted tones, we have the beginnings of elody, a blend of feeling with logic. We can also turn these phrases or rhytms upside down or backwards, for one of the basic tools of conceptual thinking is to consider the situation in its reverse. How does the world look when we stand on our heads? What does it feel like to walk backwards? Children love to experiment with tricking their senses in this way all the time.

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Хорошие цитаты, спасибо)

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не могу найти сейчас уцитату, но она меня зацепила когда я в первый раз эту книгу увидела - о том что музыка это первая магия, потмоу что мы меняем чтото внутри себя и слышим это как приходящее сраружи.

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кстати, на теде есть прикольное видео про развитие музыки, там коротко, но оч интересно