And a bit of spiritual talk about running.
It happened again and I remembered it happpened before, an before...
how to desribe it, when all thoughts just stop nd you just live?
when all voices in my head are shut up
when I start to care what people are thinking about me - and stop, because it's boring and gets in the way
that's what I run for.
I just forget it when it doesn't happen often.

And Nota Bene - for tht I'd better run alone and on the least interesting route posible, stadium is ideal.

Now that I'm home I feel the afterglow a bit... and basically it's enthusiasm and willingness to buy one more running shoes. and someother equipment ) an another shoes. no, ot that one, the other one. and other. just in case. and one for trail running. and... some more because they are soooo beautiful )

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